About us


SARM City is a Product Development company for Physical Care.

Every day we take the extra mile to bring to you with new revolutionary products. This is possible for the fact we develop our own business and ensure that way the highest of the qualities, beautiful and fair priced products.
In every single process from having an idea, to the distribution, and client support, we put in place this philosophy. You get your products delivered wherever you are, whenever you want.

This all starts in 2019 with a successful business owner in many revolutionary fields, Rich who enjoys pushing his limits and staying ahead of the competition in everything he does. His belief and passion in biohacking and optimizing performance through body and mind were what led him to create SARM City.

He puts his vision, his values in the mission. And our increasing team of Product managers, Marketing managers, Project Specialist, Developers and Designers, trust his great ideas. And that’s why we will allow you to expand the reach of your body and mind with everything you need to exceed yourself